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The Organization Renascence Educational Empowerment for Awareness and Awakening(REEFAAA) focuses on the production,propagation and dissemination of digital educational modules pertainym islamic finance and economics.The Consultancy provides online educational material,literature and counselling on the subject matter of Islamic Finance and economics.The Consultancy also conducts research and analysis on emerging areas of islamic finance,investments,markets,tools and products.The Consultancy has plans to launch a comprehensive online certification system in the field of islamic finance and economics.

Mission :To propagate and disseminate ethical economic and financial practices through the medium of islamic finance and economics.To assist in the transition of an interest based economy to an interest free economy.

Products :educational videos, eBooks,articles, power presentations,audio lectures etc via youtube,slide share,scribd,google docs,facebook,email etc

Islamic Banking proves to be resilient
Islamic Banking survives the Global Recession

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